The Premises Behind the True Happiness Workshop

The following will provide you with a taste of the kind of areas we will be epxloring together in the true happiness workshop

The first is that we don’t just have one personality, but hundred’s of selves or sub-personalities and each of these wants to be understood, accepted and integrated. Failing to do this creates stress, inner conflict, self-sabotage, compulsive behaviours and unexplained physical symptoms. The process of compassionate self-acceptance involves welcoming and embracing all of these selves unconditionally. You will learn how to do this on the True Happiness workshop. You can read more about the concept of selves by clicking here

The second is that we are not our mind or our emotions but the spacious awareness (presence) within which these arise. Anytime we identify with the stories our head is telling us or the emotions in our body we lose sight of ourselves and give away our power to those stories and thoughts. Living with present moment awareness and developing the skill of choosing what stories/thoughts to believe is at the heart of conscious living and psychological freedom. You will learn how to do this in the workshop.

The third relates to the fact that most of us spend most of our time seeing and sensing the world from our heads. This is the least effective, most limited and imbalanced way of seeing the world. Dropping our attention into our heart and hara (an area just below the belly button) and looking from these centres not only completely shifts our perceptions, but it enables us to access their innate qualities. Qualities of the heart include: compassion, connection, kindness, love and generosity. Qualities of the hara include power, wisdom, groundedness and an authentic sense of self. You are going to experience this in the workshop

The fourth is that emotions are just simply energy. We all have numerous ways of avoiding and distracting ourselves from our emotions because we don’t know how  or aren't willing to process them. Failing to allow our emotions to flow through and out of us gives rise to stress, emotional pain and can trigger stress-related illness and a wide variety of mind-body issues. In the True Happiness workshop and Healing the Emotional Body workshop I will teach you how to work safely and effectively with all of your emotions.

The fifth is that the key to a truly fulfilling life is one in which we are living in alignment with our values, strengths, gifts and our true Self . The true Self is in touch with all of our potentials and knows what is best for us. When we live from the true Self life flows and feels so much better. I will share with you some simple ways to start aligned with the true Self most of the time

The sixth is that fighting or resisting reality – the content of our experience (including thoughts, feelings, sensations and life situation) - creates stress, tension, psychological suffering and ineffective living. It also disconnects us from our true Self. I will show you how to start living in alignment with reality, with what is.