Welcome to the True Happiness Poetry Contest

What does True Happiness mean to you? We'd love to find out - and so would thousands of other people!

We have launched a contest to find inspiring and original poems on the subject of True Happiness. Everyone who enters will receive a free copy of my e-book The Seven Secrets of Positive Mental Health and on the 1st of each month a winner, as chosen by our panel of judges, will be declared. If you win we will showcase your poem to thousands of people via our website and newsletter and you will receive a free place on my Course in True Happiness.

How it Works

Step 1.

Reflect on what True Happiness means to you? Maybe discuss it with friends and family. If you want - get them involved as well. What's your take on True Happiness - is it for you an approach to life, or a set of attitudes or perspectives? Is it about achieving or doing certain things? Is it about relationships or spirituality? Whatever you take on it is - we'd love to hear.

Step 2.

Now it's time to write your poem. It can be serious or whimsical, long or short - it's up to you. Once you are happy with it, please read our terms and conditions, and then paste it into an e-mail and send it to contest@discovertruehappiness.com.

Step 3.

Once we receive your poem and e-mail, we'll send you a copy of my free e-book as a gesture of thanks. At the end of each month our team of judges will select the best one and if that is yours, we'll provide you with a free place on my Course in True Happiness, worth £95 (GBP). Happy writing!

Really looking forward to receiving your poem!

If you have any questions please do contact us

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