True Happiness Poems

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Poetry in my heart by Dan Kahn


Poetry in my heart,

It sings and it shines.


What I try to say, is the unsayable.

It is ineffable, beyond the pale fragrances of words, the silks of sentences


It is life, singing in every tuned nerve.

It is sensation, where every breath counts, every second has a priceless power.


The sky shades away to darkness, and burning through I comprehend the stars.

My soul soars, bursting away from its confines.

And I am remade, reborn, recreated.

Every twinkle, is every heartbeat

Every breath, is every breeze.

Every laugh, is every joy.


I am alive.


True Happiness by Jonathan Ward


To feel the essence of true happiness

Rest your attention deep in your heart

Unleash the power of a deep sense of knowing

Enshrined in every part


Humility in every moment

A sense of wonder and awe

Perspective and modesty side by side

Peace and beauty that shine from your core

Instantly present to the authentic True Self

Nourishing your spirit, nurturing your health

Ever forgiving, always giving of your time

Silently grateful and curious of mind, in

Service with love to all humankind.

The Apple Tree by Rowena Efstratiou


1 My Father sat us round the fire

My Brother, Sister, Me

To tell the tale that many have told

About an apple Tree

2 Now Children listen carefully
To the secret I am to share
There lives a tree beyond those woods
And few have ventured there

3 ‘What does it do,’ my sister said,
Sitting on his knee
‘The Tree is all,’ my Father said
The Universe, you and me.

4 Those who seek to find the tree
Must journey through the wood
Many have tried to take the path
But fearful they have stood.

5 As midnight struck, the moon shone bright
But none of us could sleep
We tossed and turned excitedly,
And counted many sheep.

6 ‘That’s enough!’ my brother cried,
As he lept up to his feet.
I’m going to find the apple tree,
I will not accept defeat.

7 ‘Me Too!’ i cried and jumped up high
‘And me!’ My sister said,
We packed a rucksack, with a torch,
And half a loaf of bread.

8 We walked for long into the wood,
Holding hands in fear
The air grew cold, with tales untold
We did not wish to hear.

9 ‘lets go back,’ my sister cried,
‘i cannot even see!’
We must go on,’ my brother said,
And find the apple tree.

10 And then we sung a pretty tune
For sorrow was there none,
With joyful cheer to mask the fear
We bravely carried on.

11 We faught with Ghosts, and spiders webs,
Which caused me great distress,
The forest of life had thrown its worst,
To give the greatest test.

12 And then it came, the brilliant light
That shone right through the trees
The light was love, that filled our hearts
And brought us to our knees

13 And there we saw the Apple Tree,
My Brother, Sister, Me,
And we were one with all there is,
As we are meant to be.


True Happiness by Mary Milne


One time I thought happiness was all about getting and having.

I thought it was in the future, when I had this or that.

Dependent on so many things.

But, oh, the disappointment time after time when it lasted just for a fleeting moment and then evaporated again.

Happiness was so dependent on others, out there somewhere.

Always so elusive.

Now I see it differently...........................

The clouds in the sky, a beautiful flower

Flavours,  scents,  textures and sounds.

The smile on a face, and the joy in someone’s eyes when I say “Hello”.

Running with a friend feeling fit and healthy.

Sharing a meal.

The joys of nature and the wind in my face

The love and support that I receive from friends and family

 The love that I love to give

These are the elements of true  happiness for me.

The moment , the spark, the joy.

The feeling I get inside of myself when I see and experience these things.

The warmth, the relaxation.

 The joy rising  in me like the sun rising in the sky each morning.

So many simple things.

But when is all this?


That is when I find true happiness.

When I am being who I am.

As to the where of true happiness

All the time it is inside of me,

Right here in my heart.