The Freedom Process Workshop

Are you ready to live a life of deep fulfilment and purpose?


Come and join Dr Mark Atkinson for his signature 2-day experiential workshop.

Through a potent blend of consciousness-shifting methods, mind-body skills training and experiential group process you are going to learn how to


  • access a state of calm presence when you choose to do so
  • work with the egoic mind and bypass its limiting beliefs and conditioning
  • liberate your creativity and access your authentic power
  • skillfully work with anger, grief and fear in ways that reveals a portal into radical aliveness and presence
  • shift from getting what you want from life to deeply trusting life
  • develop a deep level of self-acceptance and inner confidence
  • shift from a life dominated by fear, tension, control and resistance to one characterized by clarity, authenticity and aliveness


The tools and methods that you are going to experience/learn include


  • SoulVision - a process for discovering and resolving the underlying blocks to your soul growth
  • Shadow Integration – how to work with and integrate your shadow – the aspects of yourself that are denied, repressed and ignored
  • Shaking Medicine - a process for releasing stress and core tension from the body
  • Intensification - a liberating process for integrating emotions (such as fear and anger) and the virtues and qualities that are waiting to be embraced
  • Heart-Shifting – how to shift out of your head and into your heart
  • No-Mind Meditation - for effortlessly accessing deeper states of Presence

Are you ready for this workshop?


This workshop is for anyone who is committed to fulfulling their potential and living in freedom


The Cost  

The 2-day Freedom Process workshop with Dr Mark Atkinson costs £250 GBP. 

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