Become a 'True Happiness' Human Potential Coach

Whether you are looking to change career, work more effectively and holistically with your clients or embark on what can be a profound journey of inner transformation our Human Potential Coach Training course could be what you are looking for!


My name is Dr. Mark Atkinson, I am the founder/director of the Academy of Human Potential and I am delighted that you are taking an interest in our Human Potential Coach training program.

Within six-months of starting your training with us you could be

  • Certified as a Professional Human Potential Coach
  • Eligible to register as a professional coach with the Association for Coaching - one of the world's leading independent coach membership organizations
  • Earning a healthy income from doing work you love
  • Facilitating deep lasting change with your clients with our pioneering Human Potential Coaching methodology.

So allow me to tell you a little bit about Human Potential Coaching

Human Potential Coaching is a presence-based, somatically focused approach to life coaching and psycho-spiritual development.

Unlike many life coaching methodologies which tend to be ego-centered, head-based and overly focused on goal setting, Human Potential Coaching is different. We offer our clients a coaching experience that helps to facilitate a significant shift in their way of being and the way they perceive themselves, their challenges and their life. The shift from being unconscious, reactive, stressed and fear-based to a way of being that is so much more awake, skillful and empowering then becomes the wellspring from which they start to flourish and realize their personal and professional potential. Our methodology focuses on working somatically (with the bodymind) and working from presence -  a state of relaxed openness and deep attunement to the present moment.

We also support our clients in....

  • learning how to skillfully work with their mind, body, beliefs and emotions
  • helping them to discover what they really want and how to live in alignment with their deeper purpose
  • proactively creating a deeply fulfilling life - one that is aligned with their values, strengths and gifts
  • managing their stress, developing resilience and making positive nutrition and lifestyle-focused changes
  • learning how to skillfully navigating the challenges and opportunities that they are currently faced with.
  • teaching them how to shift their perceptions from a way that limits, distorts and blinds them to the truth, to a way that illuminates and helps them see clearly and directly.
  • supporting them in moving from self-rejection to self-acceptance, from striving, reactivity and control to allowing, presence and conscious action.
  • helping them work with the flow of life and with reality rather than against it.

Rather than seeing life's challenges as problems to be fixed, as Human Potential Coach's we allow their body to unravel their challenge and auto-correct it at a somatic (body) level. We take the stance of asking what qualities and virtues are waiting to be birthed through our client in response to their challenge? What larger, more empowering narrative is waiting to be lived? We experientially illuminate and integrate skillfully the parts or aspects of the client that are presently holding them back from achieving their vision and heart's desires. We use a style of enquiry and questioning that helps them get to their deepest level of truth and purpose. We support our clients in living in reality with kindness, honesty and skillfulness. We create a space for spontaneous insight, creativity and acceptance. We help them to wake up and realize their potential

Why do we work this way? Quite simply because it

facilitates deep lasting change and a way of being that is authentic, joyful, creative and free


As a Human Potential Coach you will know how to facilitate these processes effectively and efficiently and in sometimes life changing ways. What's more if you choose to train with us you will be supported through your own personal development program - walking our talk (imperfectly and with humour) as a Human Potential Coach is important - if not essential! You will also join our wonderful community of students and graduates and emerge from the training with a highly-respected coaching qualification.

If you are passionate about personal development and healthy living and are ready to put your gifts and talents in the service of others and be paid well for doing so then we would love you to join us!

The Human Potential Coach Training Course includes

  • 10-days (two 5-day) training retreats
  • One-to-one support from your own personal mentor
  • Your own tailored personal development program
  • Online training and monthly teleclasses


Our courses are now full for 2013.  


The Academy Of Human Potential


'I think the single factor that made the Human Potential Course exceptional was the integrity of the man teaching it, Dr Mark Atkinson.  In every respect of life he walks his talk and this made the delivery of the content of the course particularly potent. The course is well structured, the delivery prompt, the feedback accurate and helpful.  I especially appreciated the individual mentoring sessions and the flexibility of the whole course which is still, as anything pioneering will be, a work in progress. The residential workshop was exciting, compassionate, patient and inspiring and equipped me to integrate it into an already busy and successful practice and assist my clients to even higher levels of consciousness.'

Kitty Campion