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My name is Mark Atkinson - I am a medical doctor, founder of The Academy of Human Potential and someone who is passionate about helping people just like you to create the healthiest, happiest and most fulfilling life possible. It’s my joy and honour to be bringing you this course.

What is the Course in True Happiness?

The Course in True Happiness is an eight-week telecourse in how to create a truly extraordinary life, a life equal to your potential. It is the based on my own extensive personal journey of emotional and spiritual growth and on my experience in working with hundred’s of patients, students and workshop attendees. At its heart is the discovery of True Happiness. Unlike normal happiness which is dependent on certain things happening, True Happiness is a deep sense of inner well-being, vpeace and vitality that can be felt and experienced most of the time in most circumstances. When you are experiencing True Happiness you are no longer surviving life, but living life. When you are experiencing True Happiness you are thriving and flourishing as a conscious integrated human being. The Course in True Happiness is at the heart of The Freedom Process a 12-month experiential journey into true adulthood, spiritual awakening and conscious living.

Is This Course For You?

Are you looking for happiness? Do you feel restless, unsure of how to be in the world or what to do in the world? Do you have a longing to feel truly alive and vital? Do you feel lost? Are you on a spiritual path? Does part of you feel compelled to grow and evolve yourself? Do you crave authentic connection, intimacy and love? Do you sense that you are experiencing a fraction of your potential? Do you know deep-down that you have a unique role to play in our world? Are you ready for a life changing course that will empower you with the knowledge, skills and tools to experience True Happiness?

If yes answer to any of these suggests that the Course in True Happiness is for you.

How it works

The Course in True Happiness is an eight-week telecourse. This means you are going to be joining me and hundred's of other people via telephone or skype once a week for eight consecutive weeks. Each week is dedicated to exploring one of the eight modules that make up the course.  If you can’t make a session, not a problem you can download it later on.

The call takes place between 19.30 and 20.30 (GMT) on 8 consecutive Wednesday evenings. The next course is planned to commence on Wednesday 7th September 2011. When you register for the course you will be given a telephone number to call and a pin number which will enable you to access my seminar. You can use skype, if you have skype. In addition to hearing my live talk, their will be an opportunity for interactive discussions with myself and other participants. In between sessions you can also access our online community-based forum. The True Happiness community is an important part of what the course offers. Many people feel isolated in respect of their spiritual and personal development – the online community provides a great opportunity to connect with like-minded / like-hearted individuals.

What you will discover

In this eight-week course you are going to discover

  • How to identify and overcome your underlying emotional, psychological and biochemical barriers to health, vitality and True Happiness.
  • Tools for managing your emotions and thoughts more skillfully
  • How to live with greater awareness, acceptance and love
  • Meditations and other spiritual practices for embodying your True Self
  • How to access, integrate and embrace your different sub-personalities – including the immature ego, mature ego, no-self and True Self
  • How to create a life of deep fulfillment and meaning
  • A community of individuals from all over the world who are committed to experiencing True Happiness and creating a life equal to their potential

The Eight True Happiness Modules in Detail


Module 1 True Happiness - Growing Up & Waking Up

  1. Find out why this moment in history is so important and is such an opportunity for us all
  2. Explore why emotional immaturity and the developmental trauma that underpins it is at the heart of much suffering and destructive behaviour
  3. Learn how to identify your own blocks to emotional maturity
  4. Learn about the difference between ‘normal happiness and ‘true’ happiness and discover the numerous benefits of discovering True Happiness
  5. Be introduced to the True Self and learn how to access and embody the True Self
  6. Learn the secrets to keeping committed and motivated to your emotional and spiritual growth

Module 2 Ego Identification - The Number One Barrier to True Happiness

  1. Learn about the three different types of ego – the functional ego, the unhealthy immature ego and the healthy mature ego – and how to recognise the behaviours that characterise each
  2. Be introduced to the pioneering work of Hal & Sidra Stone the founders of Voice Dialogue
  3. Experientially access the immature ego, mature ego, no-self and True Self
  4. Be provided with a number of strategies for counter-acting and containing your ego
  5. Learn simple ways to increase your awareness and acceptance of the present moment 
  6. Discover how to keep in alignment with the True Self

Module 3 Embrace the Art of Healthy Self-care

  1. Discover what healthy self-care is and why it is so important to True Happiness
  2. Learn about the secret to healthy eating
  3. How to find a balance between physical activity and rest/relaxation
  4. Discover how to use your breathing to revitalize you and shift your state of consciousness
  5. Learn the keys to getting a good nights sleep
  6. Be shown how to create a living environment that supports True Happiness

Module 4 Start Facing Reality

  1. Why facing and embracing reality is so important to True Happiness
  2. Discover why you avoid reality
  3. Be shown how to identify your emotional avoidance strategies
  4. Identify exactly where are you in denial and how to tell when you are out of integrity
  5. How to recognize and deal with compulsive, addictive and other self-limiting behaviours
  6. Learn how to manage your thoughts more skillfully – and why positive thinking is not the way forward!

Module 5 Heal Your Emotional Body

  1. Learn about the emotional body and how it influences your life experience
  2. Discover the true purpose of emotions and how to work with them, not against them
  3. Be provided with three powerful emotional processing strategies
  4. Be shown how to manage stress and access a clear state of mental clarity quickly
  5. Learn how to effectively process and integrate your fear, anger and grief
  6. Be shown how to let go of your resentments

Module 6 The Power of Self-Acceptance

  1. Discover why self-acceptance is so important to True Happiness
  2. How to transform your self-image
  3. Be shown how to set yourself free from limiting beliefs
  4. Learn how to make peace with your body
  5. Discover your shadow (the parts of you that you have rejected and disowned) and how to welcome and integrate them
  6. Be taught a meditation and mantra that powerfully accelerates the process of self-acceptance

Module 7 How to Create Positive, Intimate Relationships

  1. Discover how to identify and address your barriers to positive, intimate relationships
  2. Learn how to develop and maintain functional boundaries
  3. Be shown how to not only resolve and evolve through the experience of conflict
  4. Develop and deepen the intimacy with your partner
  5. Discover how to create a social support structure that accelerates your personal and soul growth
  6. Explore the power of contribution

Module 8 Be the Change

  1. Discover how to identify and access your life purpose and inner gifts
  2. Learn how to be authentic and courageous even when challenged
  3. How to tap into your creativity and authentic power in a way that empowers you and everyone else
  4. Learn how to identify your deepest values and be shown how to overcome the fears attached to them
  5. Be shown how to develop and refine the work you were born to do
  6. Discover the art of true surrender
About Dr Mark Atkinson

Dr Mark Atkinson (MBBS) is a medical doctor and internationally-renowned expert in well-being, mind-body medicine and emotional health.  His pioneering whole person approach to health and well-being has been endorsed by leading doctors, featured on ITV and written about in the national press, including The Daily Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday and The Sunday Times.

Dr Mark Atkinson is the co-founder of The British College of Integrative Medicine which offers Europe's most comprehensive training program in integrative medicine. He is also an award-winning writer and author of The Mind–Body Bible, Holistic Health Secrets for Women and the forthcoming book True Happiness – Your Complete Guide to Emotional Health. 

In addition to his passion for health and well-being, Dr Atkinson is an advocate for  developing our human potential and this being the basis for a more compassionate, sustainable world. In 2008 he founded a personal growth company called the Academy of Human Potential. The Academy supports individuals in realising their fullest potential through the provision of workshops, courses, conferences and consulting services.

Dr Mark Atkinson is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health and a member of The Scientific and Medical Network. He received his medical qualification (MBBS) from St Mary's Hospital Medical School (now Imperial College School of Medicine) in London.

His websites are www.drmarkatkinson.com and www.discovertruehappiness.com

Praise for Dr Mark Atkinson

‘I regard Dr Mark Atkinson as the UK’s leading visionary within the field of integrative medicine’
Professor Karol Sikora – Professor of Cancer Medicine

‘Dr Mark Atkinson really is a leader in the vital new arena of emotional healthcare – we all want to be happy and his advice is both inspiring and practical’
Sarah Stacey, Health Editor, YOU Magazine, Mail on Sunday

 ‘I have had the immense privilege of knowing Dr Mark Atkinson for many years – both personally and professionally.  Dr Mark is a huge inspiration to me and many, many people within the complementary medical profession.  Aside from being an excellent doctor, he is one of the kindest and most compassionate human beings you’ll meet.’  
Jayney Goddard – President, The Complementary Medical Association


Register today for the next Course in True Happiness

My next course starts on Wednesday 7th September 2011 and finishes on Wednesday 26th October 2011. Each telecourse module will take place between 19.30 to 20.30 (GMT). The optional interactive session with other participants is between 20.30 and 21.00. If you can’t make that date and time, you can download the recording which will be made available the following day.

What you get for your Investment

  • A pioneering happiness and personal development programme that you can do from the comfort from your own home
  • Eight 60 minute talks with Dr Mark Atkinson. Each of these includes a presentation based on the theme of the module and an interactive Q&A session
  • Access to all of the recordings of the sessions. These can be listened to online or downloaded as a MP3 file
  • Access and enjoy the True Happiness online community and social network
  • PDF transcripts of all of the talks
  • Receive MP3’s of all of the guided meditations
  • Technical support and advise
  • One-to-one mentoring with a Human Potential Coach who will support you in getting the most out of the course (this is an optional extra)


1. The Course in True Happiness without the support of a mentor

2. The Course in True Happiness, plus eight 30 minute sessions with a True Happiness Mentor

3. The Course in True Happiness, plus eight 30 minute sessions with Dr Mark Atkinson

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